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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Used to be fun…

And now I’m stuck in my apartment in this small town, living my everyday live in routine. Wake up, breakfast, study, lunch + drama, study, dinner + drama, study, sleep… And the cycle repeats itself. Well at least I’m not wasting time, just turning into a robot that only wish right now is to pass FM.

On the other hand, I’m really happy that I’ve fulfilled 2 of my new year resolutions I mentioned in my last post! I’ve gotten an on campus job as the recreational staff in the Bell Center! Wheeee~~ :D When I saw the email from my future supervisor, I was literally smiling WIDE. However I have not told my family about it yet cause I want everything to be certain as there is a lot of paperwork and application to go through before I’m 100% sure that I got the job and can start working. So you all must help me keep it a secret first! Shhhh…

The second resolution that has been fulfilled is to be more outspoken! Attended a committee meeting last Friday and was really happy my opinion was noted and taken! :D Last week was not so bad after all. Another good news come to me yesterday, again when I was checking my email.


An email from the Dean (With the title being “WOW!), can I not be happy?! The feeling when hard work pays off :)

Spent this morning was not so routine actually, as I went to the Human Resource office to pick up my letter, and proceed to the International Center to request for another letter. Then I walked to the Old Main office to pay off our rent for Febraury. Came home, paid my fees and wrote the minutes to be sent to Aaron. Hmmm feeling productive… NOT. I’m getting lazy and frustrated looking at the thick stack of paper with all the questions waiting to be solved. I NEED MOTIVATION.

One thing that I’ve really improved a lot since I left Malaysia and come here is cooking!! Haha I dare not say I’m good at it, but I know I’ve improved. And I think I’m the best “rice cooker” in the house :P Chrysanthemum tea in the making!

Til then!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


It’s 2013! I have not came up with any new year resolutions yet, I guess the first thing on my mind is to pass FM, lol. FM is the first actuarial science professional paper that I will be sitting on February 15th. Wish me luck! Don’t complain about Theory of Interest, FM (Financial Management) is SO MUCH worse.

Anyway, why not start my list of new year resolutions now? Okay here we go.

1) Pass FM? Haha told ya it’s the first thing on my mind! Okay maybe P (probability) too..

2) Get an on campus job (and work hard, earn more money) cause I really need it! I know how my parents wish I have gotten better scholarships than the one I have now (Merit scholarship with 10k a year which is really insufficient). I don’t know if it’s really me who is not trying hard enough or I really have no luck when it comes to scholarship. THEREFORE! I need a job. At least if I have one I can bear my own living expenses (excluding rental) and my parents only have to worry about the tuition fees…

3) Be more active in class and also other clubs. I feel that I’m not outspoken enough in class. I need a lot of time to warm up, know my professor’s style and my classmates before I can voice my opinion confidently which really really needs improvement! And I always tell myself that I should be more actives outside the classroom as it’s as important as being excellent academically but til now I’m still not doing it. GAHH.

4) WORK OUT MORE. Haha this pops up in my mind! I’ve gained so much weight since I came to the US, and I’m not saying I’m fat, but gaining weight just like distorts my body composition. HAHAHAHA. I feel like all the weight I gained is lumped up in the tummy!! I want nice body shape, not fat tummy :P

Okay I’m stuck. But 4 is good enough :) Let’s see if I can check all that!

Here are some songs that I’m currently addicted to and I just like to share them here:

And one more… (Don’t judge if you don’t like them)

Okay I admit when I first heard of it I was like errr… But then after listening to it a few more times, I think it was actually not bad :P I’m bias, but who’s not!! YOONA :D yuri taeyeon tiffany jessica seohyun sooyoung sunny hyoyeon!

Okay I better get back to FM. See you all soon!

West Coast

First of all, I want to thank whoever created hot water, as it is the motivation I come here now.

Hello people I’m back!! Back from the sunny beautiful place to this white, snowy but still beautiful home sweet home. It was a long 12-day journey, expensive but to be honest I think it’s worth the money. I wanted to have a detailed post about it long ago but I was hold back by so many other things and to be frank I forgot the sequence, as in where we went first (long term memory down).. So I’m just gonna touch on each place briefly :)

Las Vegas – The Sin City

Las Vegas is in the state of Nevada and it has subtropical desert climate since it is surrounded by desert and dry mountains. And why is it so famous? Yes, gambling. Basically most larger hotels have casinos in them and it’s night view is just breathtaking. We stayed in a hotel called the Stratosphere. Literally stratosphere is a layer of the atmosphere, but this hotel is named like this because it has a really high tower where you can play bungee jump at the tip of the tower. 108-floor of height. Wanna give it a try? ;)

IMG_8843The tower

IMG_8835 (2)

Wheel of fortune. Try your luck! We could go in to have a look, but we couldn’t play because we are below 21.

We also went to the old downtown of Las Vegas to watch a show. It was a street with screen above your head. A lot of money was invested in this because they want to attract people to visit the place, and of course to go to the casino there. Guess what they played? It’s My Life by Bon Jovi! :D


We watched a lot of other shows too, but one worth mentioning is the Jubilee! Show in Bally’s Hotel.


This photo is from Google of course because we were not allowed to take photo of the show due to copyright issues. Oh the name of the show we watched is actually Jubilee! – The Topless Show. Yes, TOPLESS. You have to be 18 to watch the show because the performers are really topless, no shirts, bras, etc… BUT, that is not the main reason why I say it’s worth mentioning! It was awkward at first, I didn’t even know where to focus at. But it got okay after a while. The thing I like the most is the stage. Millions of dollars were used to design the stage, and it was really really not the usual stage we see in any other performance. It made you feel like you were really in that place. For example it’s a scene of the Egytian king, the back drop, the color, the “building” were all so real. Quite expensive tho if you convert to Malaysian Ringgit, if I’m not mistaken it would need more than RM200.

Grand Canyon – Wonder of the World


The feeling when you are on top of one of the seven wonders of the world.. A must go!! We went to the West Rim of the Gran Canyon. Born by the nature, the Grand Canyon in the Arizona state has attracted a lot of tourists and I guess you know why. Not just plain rocks and mountains, when you visit the Grand Canyon, you will understand the power of nature, and why we should preserve it.

We took the helicopter to get a view from the above. From there we could see the canyon that stretched out far into the horizon. Then the helicopter dropped us off to take the boat on the Colorado River to get a view of the canyon from the bottom.

IMG_9188 (2)

The point we board the helicopter is the first point at the canyon. Then we took bus to the second point, known as The Eagle Point because of the hugeeeee rock that looks like an eagle.

IMG_9277 (2)

The third point is the Guano Point. Guano in the Indians language means the feces and urine of bats and the point got this name because the Indians used the “guano” in many ways last time.

IMG_9373 (2)

We got to see some Indians teepee there..

IMG_9422 (2)

and I don’t know what pose is that *laugh*

San Diego

The only place of interest we went at San Diego is the Seaworld, and the sea animal shows were quite entertaining :)


Didn’t go to see the marine creatures but went on a roller coaster ride!


It… Was… Fast… And… Excitingggg

San Francisco

One of my favorite city! I don’t know why it just seems nice to me. The streets there are steep because of it’s geographical location. One of the most famous street is the Lombard Street


In case my photo is not showing it good enough, here is another one from Google

lombard street

The maximum speed on this street is 5mph!

Another must go place in San Francisco is of course the Golden Gate Bridge


Tour guide: “If you’ve never been to the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ve never been to San Francisco.”

The Golden Gate Bridge is not the longest nor the oldest bridge in San Francisco ( the Bay Bridge is), but it’s the First Suspension bridge that survived the earthquake.


The Fisherman’s Wharf which has a lot of nice seafood!! We can’t get any nice seafood here in Des Moines cause it’s so inland. Oh quoting the tour guide again: If you’ve never been to the Fisherman’s Wharf, you are merely stepping into San Francisco and stepping out without visiting.


Crab and clam chowder!! Red heart.Red heart

Last but not least, LOS ANGELES!


First time going into a Disneyland (I know I know) and it was soooooooooooo crowded. I think other than people, the thing that I see the most is strollers.


Haha and I’ll let the pictures do the talking!



Universal Studio

Another theme park, the Universal Studio in LA is famous because it’s the place where a lot of films are taken!! It’s full name is Universal Studio Hollywood. And the must-go in this place is the Studio Tour, where you will be shown different scenes in movies and most importantly, tried the King Kong 3600 3-D!


Hollywood Walk of Fame



And the beaches :D


That’s about all I can remember :P It was a great experience, but now it’s time to store it into memory and move on. It’s 2013 already!

p.s. I can’t tell how glad I am when I know the world did not end